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Widescope® Media and Entertainment Network is an integrated media and entertainment company, involved in the design, creation, production, distribution & marketing of all forms of creative content and related aspects, across all media platforms.

Telling great stories, producing innovative and unparalleled programming, generating miraculous visual effects & audio designs, hosting world class events, crafting virtual worlds ... in a nutshell if creating magic is your dream, then Widescope® is your destination. We are looking for people who dream and wish every moment, who believe nothing is impossible, who are full of ideas and want to change the world with their ideas. We look out for:

  1. HONESTY & INTEGRITY - The team welcomes people who are honest and take responsibility and accountability on both personal and professional front.
  2. PROFESSIONALISM - Our approach towards work, big or small, is highly professional. We expect that every team member exudes professional behaviour in every task that is performed.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT - We believe in delivering “just in time” and thus expect that those who join us understand the value of time - of their own and that of the client.
  4. LEADERSHIP & TEAM PLAY - We need professionals who understand the importance of listening, learning and collaborative efforts and when need arises, can deliver a "one man show".

If you think you are the One, with such enthusiasm, initiative and drive, we would love to hear from you.
Mail us your profile at jobs@widescope.tv 



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